National Geographic: a Special Report in the Public Interest, Energy, Facing up to the Problem, Getting Down to Solutions:

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** PUBLISHED IN 1981 AND NOT PUBLISHED SINCE THEN, ANY SELLER CLAIMING TO HAVE A BRAND NEW OR NEW COPY OF THIS IS LYING TO YOU **. Amazing photos, artwork and stories on the relevant topic of Energy use in our world and how to be better as human beings by not wasting it. Chapters in This Special Report: 1. President's Message; 2. Our Energy Predicament; 3. America's Auto Mania; 4. Can We Live Better on Less?; 5. An Atlas of Energy Resources; 6. What Six Experts Say; 7. Synfuels: Fill 'er Up! With What?; 8. New Energy Frontier; 9. Energy Bibliography; 10. Editor's Postscript. [Most text from back cover]. Complete Title: "NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC A SPECIAL REPORT IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST ENERGY FACING UP TO THE PROBLEM, GETTING DOWN TO SOLUTIONS: ENERGY A NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SPECIAL REPORT FEBRUARY 1981".

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